Do you have a physical retail location?

No, but you can see some of my designs in person at The Prana House in West Chester, PA.


What is your return/exchange policy?

If you decide you want to return an item, you must contact me within 3 days of receiving the item, and ship it back within 7 days of contacting me. If the item has obviously had some wear and tear or is damaged, then I cannot offer a full refund. If the item is returned as new, you will get a full refund, not including original shipping fees. I am not responsible for return shipping fees. All sales are final for custom orders and sale items.


How quickly do you ship and do you provide tracking?

Depending on processing time and amount of incoming orders, I typically am able to ship items between 3-7 days of your order. I will send you your tracking number once your items have been sent.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please be aware that buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.


What if my order says delivered but I haven’t received it?

If your item is showing as delivered and you did not get the package. You must contact your post office, as they are the last people who have seen your order. You can find your tracking information in your order details to provide them with the tracking number. I am NOT responsible for theft of packages, or if the post delivers to the wrong address ---- you must have a secure place for your items to be delivered. You can message me if you want to purchase insurance for your order. Again please work it out with the post office if your package says delivered and you do not have it. Call your post office ask to speak to a supervisor and they can give you coordinates where the package was delivered.


What if my purchase breaks?

While I always double and triple check the strength of my designs, sometimes these things do happen. If it happens within 30 days of you receiving your item, you may return to me at no cost and I will repair for free; please be aware that this does not include replacing lost stones and crystals or replacing chains entirely though; this pertains to repairing chains or wire wrapping, or if a clasp or jump ring breaks. If a chain or crystal or stone need to be replaced, there will be a small fee, based on the materials in the design itself.


If something breaks after 30 days, I will still repair, but there will be a starting fee of $25 + cost of any materials that need to be replaced (i.e. if a stone, crystal, or chain need replacing).


I am not responsible for shipping fees in any of these cases.


Care for designs:

Please note that while I aim to choose the sturdiest of materials and I double and triple check the strength of my designs, that I recommend to handle the jewelry you purchase from me with care to ensure it’s longest life possible. I do not recommend getting any of my designs wet and when not wearing them, please store in a secure location.


Clearing energy of designs:

To keep the energy of your jewelry clear and vibrating highly, I recommend smudging the pieces (and yourself hah) after wearing them in toxic or overwhelming environments, or if you have been wearing the same design for a while. Other ways you can keep their energy clear is to put them in the windowsill on nights when the moon is full. Sunlight is also an excellent way to keep their energy clear, just be sure that you don’t do this with any Kunzite or Amethyst, as it will change the color of the crystal. Lastly, you can just hold the intention that you and your crystals are clear, and that’s in truth all you really need. It’s just helpful sometimes to get a little assistance from smoke, the moon and the sun :). I do not recommend salt or water for jewelry and for certain stones as they can damage both the design and the crystal or stone.


Can I use coupon codes on custom orders?

No. Due to the extra time it takes to work together to come up with the custom designs for you, plus any extra materials I may need to obtain to fulfill your order, I cannot apply any discounts to custom orders.


Do you take custom order requests?

No, not at this time.


Privacy Policy:

Your private information will NEVER be shared with any third parties.