Hawk Couture, much like every other passion in my life, grew its roots in a place of deep love and appreciation for the natural world and its inhabitants. From a young age, I can remember intentionally using stones to call in blessings and connect with friends and family. I gifted many to those who were ill or just needed something sparkly to remind them of how beautiful and strong they were to me.

Life happened, as it does to all of us, and suddenly I was in my twenties and in need of those same blessings for myself when I developed Chronic Lyme Disease and lost two beloved family members all while living a very active lifestyle acting as lead vocalist in a popular band and regularly practicing martial arts. Despite these hardships and the fast-paced nature of my life at the time, I never lost touch with that young girl who would collect rocks on the playground to boost her spirit and the spirits of those she loved. As I battled disease and heartache, I found strength and comfort in creating jewelry from healing crystals.

In 2012, Hawk Couture was born from the desire to connect individuals with the natural world as well as their inner worlds. When my own strength was hard to find, the crystal around my neck (or in my bra!), was not. Natural stones enhance the sparkle we all possess, whether it be dim or blinding at the time we don our jewels. In times of both pain and pleasure, they remind us of our birthright to prosper. My passion and my purpose are truly one and the same when I am creating jewelry for you.