Full Moon Tarot Spread for You <3

Full Moon Tarot Spread for You <3

Full Moon Blessings, Friends!
Many years ago I attended a women’s workshop where we spent a great amount of time connecting with our wombs and our bodies. I fell in love with the idea of communicating directly with my body, even specific parts, especially because up until that point I had still really struggled with my ‘moontime’ and having a good relationship with my lady parts.

It was after this workshop that I came up with a simple tarot reading prompt to do during my ‘moon’, ‘lady time’, aka my menstrual cycle. I lovingly refer to this time as my ‘Moontime’ and indeed sometimes it falls on the Full Moon itself. It was my way of checking in with my body, and at times my uterus herself, to connect with the messages that she wished for me to receive.

It has been a truly transformative practice, both in how my life has unfolded, as well as how my body feels in general. Our bodies hold so much wisdom and it’s our job to communicate with it in whatever ways resonate. 

Since it is a Full Moon, I wanted to share this tarot spread with you as it truly is a simple and insightful reading prompt for full moons or anytime that you feel guided to pause, take stock, reflect, and prepare for the next steps ahead.

Image credit Astrologer Rebecca Gordon

While I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I am a huge advocate of working with moon cycles to help stay in rhythm with not only the cosmos at large, but with your inner and earthly visions as well. 

‘Working with the moon’ can take many forms…in my humble opinion, I am not one for spiritual rules, so my best advice is to go where you're guided and put sincere intention into whatever it is that you are doing.

This could be doing a tarot reading, or writing down what you wish to release and burning it, or bathing or showering with the intention of washing away what wishes to leave, or simply doing a 10 minute guided meditation, or going on a mindful walk. The options are endless, and sometimes my ‘rituals’ look more like doing absolutely nothing at all because that is what feels most aligned for me at that time.

The more that you honor what you are guided to do, the stronger your intuitive connection grows in all aspects of life.

I hope this lil tarot prompt comes in handy, and as always feel free to alter it however you feel guided. If you want to learn more about the ‘vibe’ of this current full moon, I always recommend checking out both Chani Nicholas, Forever Conscious, and Rebecca Gordon (although there are a plethora of excellent astrologers…these are some of my faves).

Full Moon Blessings from my heart to yours <3

Xo, Greta

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