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Leann's Cancer Season Crystal Pick: Aquamarine

Our series on Cancer season crystals continues today with the lovely Aquamarine. 
Aquamarine Infographic
By inspiring the wearer to navigate the deep waters of their emotional subconscious, Aquamarine can help you feel inspired to communicate your heart’s truth effectively. Even under the most challenging circumstances, Aquamarine can serve as a reminder that you are powerful and sensitive enough to speak your pure intent with clarity and calmness. To consciously work with Aquamarine is to connect with hidden truths as well as peaceful, meditative energies.
When considering the real world resources for tapping into our subconscious and allowing the lessons learned from below to surface, the options were seemingly endless. Of all of the wonderful options I sifted through, my ultimate choice may be the most obvious, simple and accessible of them all. Take a shower!
I am convinced the shower is a portal. It’s where I find my best ideas, sing with the most confidence, release attachments to issues I have little control over, and resolve problems on my end that may be holding me back (hello one-sided shower arguments!). 
Not everyone has access to natural bodies of water, float meditations, or Nat Geo documentaries, but almost everyone has a habit of showering and that is why I think it’s an excellent place to connect with the water element, of which both the sign of Cancer and the crystal Aquamarine are associated with. 
Next time you hop in the shower, consider practicing this simple, fun shower meditation. When you get out, hopefully free from some of the internal (and external, who are we kidding?) funk, throw on a crystal clear Aquamarine design and speak your truth with the strength and clarity of water. You know, so maybe you won’t have to have as many of those shower arguments. 

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