Martial Arts as Self Care

Martial Arts as Self Care

Last night I taught my first martial arts class in a while. Our first Women’s Class at my gym, Mercs Jiu Jitsu & MMA, has put the biggest smile on my heart.

From ages 18ish-23 I was a full time Krav Maga (self defense) instructor in South Philly and Chester County, PA. Those years were some of the most fulfilling in my young life. Helping others discover their power is quite intoxicating and I’m so happy to be back teaching. 

What’s even more special to me this time around is that this is a collaborative effort with two of my favorite people and training partners, Michaela & Lulu.

Something I learned while working as an herbalist and managing The Prana House apothecary was the beauty & transformation that comes when women collaborate.

Unfortunately from a young age we’re mainly reinforced with Mean Girl type stories and if we’re lucky enough, we connect with women when we’re older and find out our real power comes through when we celebrate each other.
I started martial arts around 15 years old and there weren’t many other girls to play with for most of that time.

I love my guy training partners and will always advocate for co-ed training, but the joy it brings me to see how many women and girls are coming to jiu jitsu is immeasurable.

What I have seen over the years is that that same ass kicking fervor I felt all of my life, and what led me to martial arts in the first place, is in most women…we just haven’t been given a readily available outlet until recently. 
My heart SINGS knowing that women’s jiu jitsu has exploded and all across the world is an army of women who know how to choke the f*ck out of someone who tries to hurt them…or better yet…just get away safely (I won’t go on a tangent about the practicalities of choking someone out over just getting away safely).
Long long story short…no matter where you are, if you are a woman interested in training in jiu jitsu or other martial art…this is your sign to start checking out schools around you.

My belief is that knowing how to protect yourself is the ULTIMATE form of self care.

There are more and more resources available now than ever so now’s a perfect time to start.
Our Women’s Classes are on Mondays at 7pm at Mercs in Colorado Springs.

We will have a lot of fun and also you will grow a sense of confidence that you will wonder how you ever lived without. It is a challenging practice on many levels, but even more rewarding both on the mats and in real life.

Most of what I have accomplished in life and the trials I have overcome stem directly from the spirit I have cultivated from training in martial arts.
Thank you so so much to all the ladies who came to class yesterday. I think I speak for all of us instructors when we say that we know it’s intimidating and you kicked total ass. Here’s to your journey and your beautiful heart.

If you are interested in training but don't live in the Springs, please shoot me a message and I'll see if I can make some gym recommendations.

From my heart to yours <3


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