New Moon in Aquarius/Lunar New Year: What Are You Planting this Year?

New Moon in Aquarius/Lunar New Year: What Are You Planting this Year?

Excerpt from her blog post of the same name on Leann's Patreon, Kinder Garden 

New Moon in Aquarius February 2022 Energy Report:

Aquarius is the air sign that is as independently minded as it is inspired by gathering within their community. Aquarius’s mantra sings, “I do what I want, but for the greater good.” As we experience the vitality of a new moon, re-evaluating your values and assessing how you are moving through life with those values in mind, heart, and soul is an excellent way to invest in your bright future. As a unique person in this ever changing world, it is your right to live up to the ideals you have for yourself. The weight of the world lifts when you live from a place of love for yourself and respect for others, and Aquarius is the sign that teaches this practice best above all else.
As you move through the dreamy energy of this New Moon, take an honest look at what seeds are most worth your time and energy to plant by asking yourself what will you be motivated to tend to in Spring and thrilled to cultivate during Summer. Choose wisely, laying the foundation for your year ahead is sacred time to spend with your authentic self and with your co-creators. Do not fear looking back on what worked and what did not work in years past. Embrace the realities of your efforts and use the lessons you have learned to your advantage as you begin anew. The world needs your creations. The world needs you.
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