Leann's Harvest Moon Report: Full Moon in Pisces

Leann's Harvest Moon Report: Full Moon in Pisces

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces


Your values impact your thoughts, which influence your actions, which affect the world around you, which results in the creation of your experience and of the experience the world has of you.


Under the influence of this Full Moon in Pisces, while the sun remains in Virgo, we have an opportunity to sit with ourselves and meditate on what we value, what we are grateful to have, and what we need; want is not the word we should seek to attach to at this time.

How our values impact our needs is the meditation as we approach the prelude into winter when preservation is key. Getting our priorities straight is the theme right now as Pisces provides the introspection and intuition and Virgo provides the structure and beauty-filled vision of your life in its own unique order.

Whatever you value, name it and then create your life around it. You may just find that it helps you identify what you need and, sometimes, guides you right to it.


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3 Favorite Crystals for Pisces/Virgo Energy 

Spirit Quartz: for remembering you are never alone.

Aquamarine: for speaking your truth, even (and especially) to yourself.

Labradorite: for embracing your transformative power.