Amber Crystal Meaning

Amber Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Confidence • Abundance • Clarifying

Mr. D.N.A. gave us possibly the cutest lesson on Amber's life preserving qualities in Jurassic Park, but Ian Malcolm said it best: Life finds a way! Amber is thought to contain the wisdom of the past within its deep golden depths, encouraging you to embrace your unique DNA and awaken your confidence to create and manifest that which is in alignment with your higher self. If you are looking to cultivate your inner light so that you may be an active participant in creating and experiencing your life, Amber may be a perfect stone to work with at this time.

Amber Trivia

Chakra Association: All, but strongly associated with Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakras
Zodiac Correlation: Taurus
Affirmation: “May my inner light make my visions and my path clear and filled with love.”