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The Kitchen Witch's Detox Guide


Discover the power of plant medicine, integrative nutrition, and
self-care to create a less toxic environment as well as support your body's powerful detox pathways!

Backed by science.
Full of magic.

Your one-stop resource for gentle and effective detoxification

In this guide you will:

  1. Gain Clear Understanding of Detoxification
  2. Learn How To Limit Exposure to Toxins
  3. Understand Nutritional Support for Detox
  4. Learn Herbal Remedies for Detox
  5. Gain New Self-Care Practices for Detox
  6. Receive Protocols, Strategies, & Tips for
  7. Sustainable & Supportive Detox

Harness the healing power of herbs

Learn how to incorporate medicinal plants into your daily routine to support your body's natural detoxification pathways, help you eliminate toxins from your body more effectively, and support overall wellness. Our guide provides cheat sheets and easy-to-follow instructions that will turn your kitchen into a healing sanctuary.

Nutrition for optimal detoxification

Discover the secrets of nourishing your body so that its detox pathways work with ease. From nutrient dense foods to recommendations on supplements, our guide will help you stay energized and vibrant all year round.

The confidence to prioritize self-care

When it comes to detoxification, self care is of the utmost importance. The toxins we consume are not only from the foods and products we use, but also includes the environments we are in. As you navigate this guide you will gain the confidence to clearly identify what are and are not supportive environments and products for your well being...and you deserve to prioritize your well-being.



A Comprehensive 38-Page PDF eBook Download that includes:

- Step-by-step cheat sheets of recommended plants, supplements, and self-care modalities

- A shopping guide with product links and additional resources

- Understanding of your body's detox pathways, and how intermittent fasting & the MTHFR gene mutation play a role in effective detoxification 

- A comprehensive list of studies backing the science of plant medicine, nutritional interventions, and self-care modalities

3. Most importantly you will receive the confidence to navigate the truths and myths about detoxification.


This is your go-to resource anytime, anywhere. This comprehensive guide features a PDF download, cheat sheets, recipes, and shopping lists that you can keep on any device or even print out and keep a copy with you.

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