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Hawk Couture

Tanzanite Crystal Pet Charm

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Say hello to the ultimate Zen accessory for your fur baby! Introducing the Tanzanite Crystal Pet Charm – a tiny charm with a mighty mission to promote peace, tranquility, and keep those stress levels in check.

Not only are these crystals dainty and stylish, but they're also perfect for any furry friend who needs a gentle vibe. Whether you have a regal feline or a playful pup, this charm is the purr-fect fit for their collar or harness.

Worried about durability? Fear not! The lobster claw is made of stainless steel, ensuring it's as sturdy as your pet's determination to steal treats from the countertop. Plus, it's super easy to clip on and off, making those walkies and adventures hassle-free.

And here's the best part – all our charms are non-toxic. Because let's face it, your fur baby deserves nothing but the best – no questionable materials allowed!

So why wait? Let your pet rock some charm-tastic tranquility with the Tanzanite Crystal Pet Charm. It's time to bring on the good vibes and keep those stressors pawsitively at bay!

*Disclaimer: Due to the random selection process, there may be slight variations in color, design, pattern, or other aesthetic features compared to the images provided on our website or in marketing materials.

*Remember though, while this charm is pretty magical, it's not meant to be a substitute for proper medical care. If your pet needs some TLC, don't forget to make a visit to the vet. They're the real paw-some experts when it comes to taking care of our four-legged friends!

Portion of proceeds benefit rescue animals. This month we're supporting Happy Cats Haven in Manitou Springs, Colorado.